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AHEP PTO for Middle/High School

AHEP PTO has a vast curriculum library for students to check out for use during the school year. If you have questions, are looking for a specific book or subject, or would just like to browse the library, please be sure to contact us at info@ahep-pto.org or call (360) 293-0105.

AHEP PTO has a group on Google Groups at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/ahep-pto for further information sharing.

If you want to join us at our Middle School/High School American History/Civics movie viewings and discussions, contact Sheri at 360-420-5867 or email her at sheri@ahep-pto.org

Independent Credit Checklists available upon request! AHEP PTO has compiled lists of what students need to do recieve credit for independent study work at the High School level. Some Middle School checklists are available also. For example, for HS English credit, the number of books (and which books) to be read and work to be completed is outlined. Email us at info@ahep-pto.org with requests for a checklist!

A list of curriculum suggestions for provided by "The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide" by Maggie Hogan & Cindy Wiggers can be accessed through the links, below: 

AHEP also has a subscription to edHelper.com we can use to support our families. If you have any questions of would like to use the subscriptions, please contact Diele at diele@ahep-pto.org or (360) 293-0105.  

If your child needs test practice for the SAT, ACT, AP tests or other subjects, be sure to check out Varsity Tutors at http://www.varsitytutors.com/practice-tests


Diploma Options

Be sure to contact Kim Stamper at Cap Sante High School if you are working with the Anacortes school district to obtain an AHS diploma for your child.

Other options are available through:

Red Comet at www.redcomet.org - Jim Williams 888-730-1908 x702 email:jim@redcomet.org

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