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AHEP PTO - Pre-K through Grade 3

AHEP PTO is dedicated to providing opportunities for all ages! Please contact Diele at info@ahep-pto.org if you want class information or curriculum for your children. We have options available through AHEP PTO. Please be sure to email us if you are interested.

AHEP PTO has a group on Google Groups at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/ahep-pto for further information sharing.

A list of curriculum suggestions for provided by "The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide" by Maggie Hogan & Cindy Wiggers can be accessed through the following link for grades K-6.  

Also, be sure to check out the opportunities at Anacortes Public Library: Baby Storytime; Toddler Time; Preschool Storytime; Rhythm and Storytime.

Curriculum Available

AHEP PTO has a vast curriculum library for students to check out for use during the school year. If you have questions, are looking for a specific book or subject, or would just like to browse the library, please be sure to contact us at info@ahep-pto.org or call (360) 293-0105.

AHEP also has a subscription to ENCHANTED LEARNING and edHelper.com we can use to support our families. If you have any questions of would like to use the subscriptions, please contact Diele at diele@ahep-pto.org or (360) 293-0105.


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