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Looking for local activities to enhance the education of your group or child? Below is a list of activities, locations, and events that can benefit everyone!

Local Activities, Events, and Locations

To discover and register for Anacortes activities put on by the City, visit the city webpage -

To view the City's Quarterly Menu of activities from around the City, visit the city webpage -

Don't forget that school enrollment is not all or nothing! Your child can attend school part time (e.g. a child could just enroll in Middle School or HS Art, Choir or Drama, for example). Elementary schools have breakout sessions daily for Science, Music, and PE, and your child could be assigned to a class and just attend those sessions along with a recess. Also, you children are still eligable to be a part of after school clubs and sports, so if they have that interest, homeschooling doesn't have to keep them out of these after-school activities. If you have questions about how to get involved part-time, don't hesitate to contact us at

MOUNT ERIE GARDENS - Farm with the Farmer!

Keith Lungren, farm-owner at Mount Erie Gardens, would love to have kids work with him! You can contact him at 360-420-8229 for a wonderful experience for you AND your children. There is also a garden group working in town just south of 32nd street. Contact Sheri Muntean at 360-420-5867 or through Facebook Messenger for more information.