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Cap Sante PTSO (AHEP- PTO)

The Cap Sante PTSO (and AHEP PTO)is a 501(c)(3) organization assisting Anacortes students, faculty, and staff meet the educational needs of local area alternatively schooled students.

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The History of our Non-Profit Organization:

The AHEP-PTO was set up to help homeschooling families and previous alternative learning parent partnership school - Anacortes Home Education Partnership (closed by the Anacortes School District in 2011). The parent organization provides a structure through which students can have educational and classroom opportunities they might not be able to have educating alone. The AHEP PTO in the past has organized classes, classroom materials, teachers, and field trips which can be attended by local-area home-schooled and alternatively schooled students. Furthermore, links are provided to external providers of educational resources which can be used by these students as well.

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CSHS/AHEP PTO Resources and Contacts

Past President: Diele Harrold,

*Contact Diele on how to become involved and serve on the Board.

Retired - Sheri Muntean CPA,

Please email us at if you have issues accessing any of this information. Click HERE if you want to view our Events on our FACEBOOK PAGE. If you join selected events on Facebook, you'll see reminders through their application. 

We also have a Slack workspace if anyone would like access so they can us it to communicate within the homeschooling community and AHEP/Cap Sante Board, please contact

Anacortes School at Home Facebook Group is a group for local home school parents to coordinate -


2022-2023 Year-End Meeting - to be scheduled soon

General Resources

The following are links which may assist home-schooled students and families as they develop curriculum and resolve educational issues.

  • VARSITY TUTORS free practice tests for SAT, ACT and much, much more!
  • for Private, In-home tutoring
  • Pro-Ed has many Assessment tools (psychological and educational) and workbooks available for purchase on their website
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, Anacortes - AHEP PTO has formed a close partnership with the Boys & Girls Club now located in the basement at City Hall, Anacortes, WA and encourages parent parnters to visit their site to see what they offer.
  • Resources from - This is a link to the "Resources for Families" page on the Anacortes School District website
  • Diele Harrold - Diele continues to support local area home-schooled students as a volunteer teacher/tutor. Please contact her with any questions you may have.
  • Girls' Angle Magazine - published by MIT, targets a wide age-range, and works to bridge the gap between K-12 math education and college, in hopes to inspire girls to pursue math at increasingly higher levels
  • Anacortes Now - Events & News for Anacortes.  Check out the community events calendar for extra educational and family activities in and around our community.

Anacortes School District Homeschooling and Alternative Schooling Options

Cap Sante PTSO is active at Cap Sante High School for grades 9-12. Contact Cap Sante if you have questions about the coming year!

Anacortes Home Education Partnership PTO was first established in 2010 to support alternative learning in the Anacortes area. This included families choosing to homeschool. Over the years as the school district adjusted to needs of the community, Cap Sante High School became the alternative learning source within the Anacortes School District. The AHEP-PTO became the "umbrella-parent" non-profit organization that will continue to support Cap Sante PTSO.


If you intend to homeschool your child in the City of Anacortes or to cross register them (take some classes at a district location and homeschool the rest) you need to fill out the "Declaration of Intent to Homeschool" form and mail it back to the District by September 15. A link to the form is below. I you have any questions, you can contact the administrative offices of the school district at (360)293-1200.

Need to take the Homeschool Parent Qualifying course? Skagit Valley Community College has a course which meets the WA requirements to become a home-based instructor for your children. Contact SVCC at 360-416-7638 or for more information.

Contact Us!

We also have a Slack workspace if anyone would like access so they can us it to communicate within the homeschooling community and Cap Sante/AHEP Board, please contact

Or, you can contact us at the following email address: